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Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:North Grosvenor Dale, Connecticut, United States of America

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aarang and the magistrate, adrien brody, aliens, all our kin, an idiot abroad, animal behavior, anthropology, astronomy, avatar: the laost airbender, beauty and the beast, bedouin soundclash, beetlejuice, birds, black butler, brandi carlile, breaking bad, bridesmaids, butch cassidy & the sundance kid, cab calloway, camping, charlotte's web, city of thieves, conflict and violence, cooking, crouching tiger hidden dragon. tv: black books, doctor who, dog training, downton abbey, earth girls are easy, emily larlham, extras, falconry, freaks and geeks, ghostbusters, good omens, great big sea, gregory peck, guild wars, hayao miyazaki, heavyweights, hetalia, hiking, history, hocus pocus, horse riding, hot fuzz, howl's moving castle, ian dunbar, ian hancock, immortals series, inception, insidious, into the universe, iron chef, jeff goldblum, karen elson, kazuo ishiguro, king of the hill, languages (arabic, laura marling, leather working, lee min ho, legend of neil, liam neeson's voice, loreena mckennitt, manatees, markiplier, matilda, maz jobrani, michiko to hatchin, millenium actress, missy elliott, monty python and the holy grail, movies: jurassic park, my cousin vinny, nathaniel parker, never let me go, nicholas and alexandra, niyaz, of mice and men, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, orange is the new black, paleontology, pan's labyrinth, paprika, paul newman, pc gaming, pickles, pierogies, practical magic, princess mononoke, reading, rob zombie, robin hood: men in tights, roftop prince, shakira, shawn of the dead, shrek 1 & 2, snowpiercer, south park, spaceballs, spirited away, takeshi kaneshiro, tamora pierce, the avengers, the black keys, the brothers bright, the fly, the girl who leapt through time, the great doctor, the guild, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the incredibles, the it crowd, the karate kid, the king of the birds, the last unicorn, the legend of korra, the lost world, the metamorphasis, the mummy, the naked and famous, the nightmare before christmas, the nostalgia critic, the office, the others, the plague dogs, the princess bride, the sandlot, the secret of nihm, the shining, third eye blind, thomas kretschmann, to kill a mockingbird, tokyo godfathers, toy story 1 & 2, travel, up, vlax romani), wall-e, war of the worlds, wolf children, writing, young frankenstein
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